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Friday, July 13, 2012

Quilting at the new place!

So many new things to share! I won't take a lot of time for this post because it is late and I have a class in the morning so need to head to bed. I will say that there have been HUGE changes in my life since my last post. I have officially moved into and settled in at Discount Vac and Sew in Kennewick. Love the new digs! I closed my daycare and am now teaching and quilting full time! I have a ton of photos to share, enough so that I will keep thing simple and just post the photo's and a name under each. If you have questions about a specific quilt or type of quilting please leave a comment and contact info and I will contact you with details!

Now the photos....

Heidi's Quilt

Heidi's Quilt close up

Joanne's quilt back

Joanne's quilt

Kelly's Quilt

Kelly's quilt back

Linda's quilt

Linda's quilt

Lois's quilt

Lois's quilt close up

Patty's quilt

Patty's quilt 2

Patty's quilt back

Sandra's quilt

Sandra's quilt block

Sandra's Quilt back (she did some of the quilting!)

Jay's Quilt

Jay's Quilt

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Jelly Roll Race border

Jelly Roll Race back

Strata Star back

Strata Star back

Strata Star

Phoenix (not quilted yet, but soon. This is going to be a class in August.)

Dawns Quilt

Dawns quilt border

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