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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos from MQX!

As you can tell I have neglected my blog terribly! There are many reasons for this and actually none of them bad. You see I have been busy, very very busy! Since my closing of the daycare and my move to Discount Vac and Sew I have been working 6 days a week and 10 hour days. Am hoping soon to back off that schedule a little bit now that my business is fairly established. I have quilts coming in on a regular basis, have been teaching classes (and thankfully have been training a second teacher to help with that load) and we got Torrie off to collage!

 It is time for a break, so last weekend I took a couple of days off, drove 4 hours to Portland and attended MQX. As always the quilts were beautiful, (even mine!) and the people were wonderful. I took three classes and have been overflowing with ideas ever since. I loved my class with Jamie Wallen, even though it was not the class I thought it was, he is a very nice man. My favorite class, hands down was the Color it Done class with Sherry Rogers Harrison. I have the pattern for this beautiful applique quilt (sorry no photo yet) that I really want to make, but alas I am not so great at applique, so I took Sherry's class with the thought in mind to paint the quilt. I am absolutely loving the technique and will be starting work on the new quilt this afternoon.  Below are a couple of photos from MQX and a photo or two of my Color it Done project!
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Happy Quilting,

Peacock Fancy! Yes it got accepted into MQX. No it didn't win anything, but then I knew it wouldn't I was just thrilled to have it accepted!

I also had both dresses entered, sadly neither won, but again it was a thrill just to see them there! Maybe next year.....

This is my homework from my Color it Done class. In this photo I have put down my base paint, as you can tell I still had a lot to do. Below is the finished block!

This is my finished block. I am very very happy with how it turned out. Not bad for my first time!

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