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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last of the Eagle Scout Quilts done! And a New Little Wall Hanging.

 Last night was a good night! One of the Boy Scout dads came over and volunteered to quilt the last Eagle Scout quilts! Officially they are all quilted now just the binding to go!
This little quilt was one I pieced last year as a mystery quilt. I was not very fond of this quilt so I never did anything with it. Well today I got a phone call from the lady who runs our longarm group asking me to bring a quilt to our meeting tomorrow so one of the ladies can demo how to attach binding on the longarm. I grabbed this one out of the pile and quilted it up. I have to say I am please with how it turned out. I don't think this will ever be a favorite of mine, but it does prove the saying that sometime the quilting makes the quilt!

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  1. how nice! what a great thing to do.... I was picturing little kids coming to quilt and thought you were brave, these are not little kids, I bet they did a great job. thanks for posting on the accuquilt group