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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Busy to Blog Part 1

Garrett supervising!
 So my blogging as been a bit slow, I have been a busy busy girl! A while ago I told you all about Garrett's Eagle Scout project. Well we thought we were down to the just two quilts to go and then two lovely ladies donated more quilts! So I have been working on getting the last few quilts finished. We need to have them all quilted, bound and labeled by Feb. 21st! The funnest bit has been the other boys in Garrett's troop have been coming over to quilt! Check it out!!
 One of the dads was so intrigued by the process that he just had to give it a go himself!
 Garrett hard at work! I think he was actually talking to one of the guys setting up another evening of quilting.
 This was on another evening, if all goes well we will have one troop member over every night this week to finish the last of the quilts. I give these young men full credit they jumped right in and did it with good cheer!
 These two, Matt and David decided that quilting should be an Olympic event! They were very proud of the quilts they completed!
I was pretty proud of them too.
Thank you guys!

Now scroll on down to busy blogger part 2...

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