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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whats on the frame today.....

In between the Eagle Scout quilts I have been working on my customer quilts. On my frame today.... This lovely Hunters Star!

 Quilting some formal feathers in the large yellow triangles, The green and pink stars will get a swirly star design. Same with the border.
The large black center star (you can't see it yet, will have the same swirl design as design on the left. All in all I am loving this quilt!

Thanks for taking a look.
Happy quilting to you!

Quilting for Charity, Garrett's Eagle Scout Project.

It feels like forever since I have updated! I have been working hard on Garrett's quilts for his Eagle Scout project, he is donating at least 10 quilts to our local cancer center. He has gotten all of the tops returned, and the quilting is going well, 8 down and 4 to go! He was brave and actually quilted a couple of them!

These are Garrett's quilts.....

 He tried to get a variety of fabrics, both feminine, and masculine. I think he did well.
 One of the quilts on the frame, for some reason I really like how bright and cheery this quilt is.
 This one though it my favorite so far, so soothing.

Garrett showing the quilts at Quilt Party, next month we will be taking photos of Garrett, the quilts and all of the ladies who did the piece work, stay tuned!