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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Giveaway? and a Rather Pretty Quilt.

Finished this customer quilt the other day. I really like the colors so I thought I would share.

Speaking of sharing, I have been thinking of ways to promote my blog. I have noticed out on blog-land that if one wants to promote a blog a giveaway is often done.
 I am seriously considering doing a giveaway.... But what to give? I could do something boring and traditional and give away fabric, some cute charm pack or maybe a cool new tool? Or the a thought that has been rattling around in my little brain, what do you all think of my giving away my services...I mean after all I am trying to promote my business, so maybe the the giveaway could be two fold, grand prize being I quilt the winners quilt for free. Second winner would get a cute little charm pack... What do you all think? I would really like some feed back. Would you the reader like to win free quilting on a quilt? Or would you all rather a more traditional giveaway. Please leave a comment below and I will come up with a plan!
Thanks so much,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last of the Eagle Scout Quilts done! And a New Little Wall Hanging.

 Last night was a good night! One of the Boy Scout dads came over and volunteered to quilt the last Eagle Scout quilts! Officially they are all quilted now just the binding to go!
This little quilt was one I pieced last year as a mystery quilt. I was not very fond of this quilt so I never did anything with it. Well today I got a phone call from the lady who runs our longarm group asking me to bring a quilt to our meeting tomorrow so one of the ladies can demo how to attach binding on the longarm. I grabbed this one out of the pile and quilted it up. I have to say I am please with how it turned out. I don't think this will ever be a favorite of mine, but it does prove the saying that sometime the quilting makes the quilt!

Thanks for stopping by to day,
Happy quilting,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Busy to Blog Part 1

Garrett supervising!
 So my blogging as been a bit slow, I have been a busy busy girl! A while ago I told you all about Garrett's Eagle Scout project. Well we thought we were down to the just two quilts to go and then two lovely ladies donated more quilts! So I have been working on getting the last few quilts finished. We need to have them all quilted, bound and labeled by Feb. 21st! The funnest bit has been the other boys in Garrett's troop have been coming over to quilt! Check it out!!
 One of the dads was so intrigued by the process that he just had to give it a go himself!
 Garrett hard at work! I think he was actually talking to one of the guys setting up another evening of quilting.
 This was on another evening, if all goes well we will have one troop member over every night this week to finish the last of the quilts. I give these young men full credit they jumped right in and did it with good cheer!
 These two, Matt and David decided that quilting should be an Olympic event! They were very proud of the quilts they completed!
I was pretty proud of them too.
Thank you guys!

Now scroll on down to busy blogger part 2...

To Busy to Blog Part 2

 ...Busy Blogger Part 2

The boy scouts have sure been a lot of fun to work with! But in between the scout quilts I have been finishing customer quilts. I finished this one last week and the customer came to pick it up. She was super happy with the results and left me a gorgeous peacock quilt to work on!
I have been getting a lot of calls from new clients, looks like word is getting out! I had a nice lady bring me the following two small wall hangings. It is not uncommon to audition a new quilter to see if you like her work. That is what these two quilts are, audition pieces!
I quilted this with a sand colored thread with seashells. I am sure she will like it.
This little quilt (it only measures 20 x 24) was a bit of a challenge, the sashing was a little off so I had to finagle it a bit, plus she wanted minimal stitching in the blocks (I was not allowed to stitch over any of the logo) So a nice smoky swirl in the sashing repeated in the dark blue of the t-shirt material along with stitch in ditch to combat some raised seams and I think it turned out pretty well!

I am thrilled with how busy I have become, I have been working on increasing my business so that when I am ready to go full time (in the very close future) I will have a good clientele built up!

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy quilting!

OH and I now have a Candy Mountain Quilts facebook account, stop by and LIKE ME!

"How much will it cost to quilt my quilt?"

One of the very first questions customers ask, both new and old is "how much will it cost for you to quilt my quilt" Now this question is sometimes very easy to answer and sometime much more difficult the biggest reason is most quilting prices are determined by several factors.
The 1st being the size of your quilt, is it a baby quilt or a king size? Those are going to add up to two very different prices just based on the real-estate involved. Another determining factor is what kind of quilting is involved. do you customer want a basic all over meander? Or do you want some serious custom quilting? Do you want feathers? Curves? Multiple color changes? Or will a simple pantograph/all over design suit your needs? All of these things need to be discussed with your longarm quilter before she (or he) can quote you a price!

So with that in mind I have been working on an easy way to answer that question. Or at least partially. So now if someone asks me how much it will be to quilt their quilt I can give them a base line for a simple all over meander or a very basic pantograph. I have a small selection of super easy and fast pantos that allow me to keep the over all price down.

Now all my client needs to know is the length of their quilt. That's it! Oh and if they want Meander, Loops or a simple panto.

So, this is the pricing structure... let me know what you think!

Base Quilting Prices
Your choice of Meander or Loops
Choose one of five basic all over pantograph patterns.

Toddler size quilt up to 45” in length
Meander/loops                                  $35.50 +tax
Panto                                               $40.00 +tax

Small quilt between 46”- 55” in length
 Meander/loops                                   $47.50 +tax
Panto                                                 $55.50 +tax

Child size quilt between 56”- 65” in length
Meander/loops                                   $55.50 +tax
Panto                                                $65.00 +tax

Twin size quilt between 66”-80” in length
Meander/loops                                  $100.00 +tax
Panto                                               $118.00 +tax

Full size quilt between 81”- 88” in length
Meander/loops                                   $117.00 +tax
Panto                                                $138.00 +tax

Queen size quilt between 89”-100” in length
Meander/loops                                   $145.00 +tax
Panto                                                $168.00 +tax

King size quilt between 101”-108” in length
Meander/loops                                   $185.00 +tax
Panto                                                $220.00 +tax

Super King size Quilt 109” and up in length
Meander/loops                                   $216.00 +tax
Panto                                                $260.00 +tax

All prices are US dollars. These prices do not reflect extra work involved such as piecing back or trimming.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today and feedback is most welcome!