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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos from MQX!

As you can tell I have neglected my blog terribly! There are many reasons for this and actually none of them bad. You see I have been busy, very very busy! Since my closing of the daycare and my move to Discount Vac and Sew I have been working 6 days a week and 10 hour days. Am hoping soon to back off that schedule a little bit now that my business is fairly established. I have quilts coming in on a regular basis, have been teaching classes (and thankfully have been training a second teacher to help with that load) and we got Torrie off to collage!

 It is time for a break, so last weekend I took a couple of days off, drove 4 hours to Portland and attended MQX. As always the quilts were beautiful, (even mine!) and the people were wonderful. I took three classes and have been overflowing with ideas ever since. I loved my class with Jamie Wallen, even though it was not the class I thought it was, he is a very nice man. My favorite class, hands down was the Color it Done class with Sherry Rogers Harrison. I have the pattern for this beautiful applique quilt (sorry no photo yet) that I really want to make, but alas I am not so great at applique, so I took Sherry's class with the thought in mind to paint the quilt. I am absolutely loving the technique and will be starting work on the new quilt this afternoon.  Below are a couple of photos from MQX and a photo or two of my Color it Done project!
Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Happy Quilting,

Peacock Fancy! Yes it got accepted into MQX. No it didn't win anything, but then I knew it wouldn't I was just thrilled to have it accepted!

I also had both dresses entered, sadly neither won, but again it was a thrill just to see them there! Maybe next year.....

This is my homework from my Color it Done class. In this photo I have put down my base paint, as you can tell I still had a lot to do. Below is the finished block!

This is my finished block. I am very very happy with how it turned out. Not bad for my first time!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A few of my own quilts

So, every once in a while I do actually work on some of my own quilts. These are a few of my recent ones. Most were made for going away presents for my daycare kids when I closed my business.

Let me know what you think.

Peacock fancy 2

Peacock Fancy 2 corner

Peacock Fancy 2

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt This is what it looked like when I drew it up on the computer

Amelia and her rag quilt

Rachel with her Star Quilt

Bergan and her quilt

Korey with her quilt


Bergans Strip quilt

Bergan's quilted in bows

Koreys Quilt

Korey's quilted in bows

Quilting at the new place!

So many new things to share! I won't take a lot of time for this post because it is late and I have a class in the morning so need to head to bed. I will say that there have been HUGE changes in my life since my last post. I have officially moved into and settled in at Discount Vac and Sew in Kennewick. Love the new digs! I closed my daycare and am now teaching and quilting full time! I have a ton of photos to share, enough so that I will keep thing simple and just post the photo's and a name under each. If you have questions about a specific quilt or type of quilting please leave a comment and contact info and I will contact you with details!

Now the photos....

Heidi's Quilt

Heidi's Quilt close up

Joanne's quilt back

Joanne's quilt

Kelly's Quilt

Kelly's quilt back

Linda's quilt

Linda's quilt

Lois's quilt

Lois's quilt close up

Patty's quilt

Patty's quilt 2

Patty's quilt back

Sandra's quilt

Sandra's quilt block

Sandra's Quilt back (she did some of the quilting!)

Jay's Quilt

Jay's Quilt

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Jelly Roll Race border

Jelly Roll Race back

Strata Star back

Strata Star back

Strata Star

Phoenix (not quilted yet, but soon. This is going to be a class in August.)

Dawns Quilt

Dawns quilt border

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Customer Quilts

Good Thursday to you all,
I thought I would share a couple of customer quilts I have been working on. These three are all very different.

I am getting super excited. In just another 2 weeks I will be closing the daycare and moving to full time quilting at the shop, I am so excited, yes so nervous! If you live in the Tri-Cities stop on by and see me anytime after the 11th of June!

Ok now for the pictures....

Cathy's car quilt for her husband Wayne. He LOVED it!!!

One of the car blocks. This quilt was so much fun!

The whole quilt, well almost this is a queen size.

The back, the classic cars are from Meadowlyon designs, I traced and flipped the cars so I could place them exactly where I wanted them in the large open spaces and could make them facing either direction. Each car (there are 8 or 9 total) is 12-13 inches long and 6 high.

This was a real quick rush job that I squeezed in for Dottie. It is for her friend who is undergoing chemo right now. Just a simple jelly roll strip quilt. She just wanted a all over meander. Well, I loved the colors and fabrics so I called and ask if I could add a butterfly in the center. this is it.

Liked the center butterfly so much that I sneaked one into each corner too. So glad I did!

This is the whole quilt.

Terra made this one. She is hoping to sell it at an upcoming show. Just did a simple over all panto.

I think this is her own design!

A close up of the swirl panto.
Hoping that soon I will get back onto a more routine blogger schedule. Just a FEW MORE WEEKS!!!! Yup I am shouting with joy!

Thanks for stopping by,