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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Customer Quilts

Good Thursday to you all,
I thought I would share a couple of customer quilts I have been working on. These three are all very different.

I am getting super excited. In just another 2 weeks I will be closing the daycare and moving to full time quilting at the shop, I am so excited, yes so nervous! If you live in the Tri-Cities stop on by and see me anytime after the 11th of June!

Ok now for the pictures....

Cathy's car quilt for her husband Wayne. He LOVED it!!!

One of the car blocks. This quilt was so much fun!

The whole quilt, well almost this is a queen size.

The back, the classic cars are from Meadowlyon designs, I traced and flipped the cars so I could place them exactly where I wanted them in the large open spaces and could make them facing either direction. Each car (there are 8 or 9 total) is 12-13 inches long and 6 high.

This was a real quick rush job that I squeezed in for Dottie. It is for her friend who is undergoing chemo right now. Just a simple jelly roll strip quilt. She just wanted a all over meander. Well, I loved the colors and fabrics so I called and ask if I could add a butterfly in the center. this is it.

Liked the center butterfly so much that I sneaked one into each corner too. So glad I did!

This is the whole quilt.

Terra made this one. She is hoping to sell it at an upcoming show. Just did a simple over all panto.

I think this is her own design!

A close up of the swirl panto.
Hoping that soon I will get back onto a more routine blogger schedule. Just a FEW MORE WEEKS!!!! Yup I am shouting with joy!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I am so excited for you. I will definitely come visit you. I think you'll be so busy you won't know what to do - I'm telling all my quilty friends to see you for their quilting needs!!

  2. I just happened to see this pattern last night while browsing through some old magazines! This design was in McCall's Quick Quilts, September 2005. Terra changed the 2 outside borders, and it looks like she added one more. FYI....Just in case any of your readers want to make one.

  3. Cool! Thank you so much Eileen :)

    I think it is a great quilt, one of these days I really want to do a black and white quilt. I mostly work in brights so it would be a big change.