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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sometimes time just gets away from me. Part 2

Now for Part 2 (scroll down to read part 1)

Peacocks, I sure do love that peacock fabric! So does my friend Terra! She made a lovely peacock quilt and after seeing mine ask if I would quilt hers!

 Busy at work! Did I ever mention that I love my Crown Jewel! If not, I just thought I would say, I LOVE my Crown Jewel!
 We decided that tone on tone was best for this quilt, so it is actually really hard to see the actual quilting. In this case it was the perfect choice. The fabric is so beautiful that I hate to distract from it.
I quilted the back ground in a simple curling echo fill, and the tail feathers are outlined in gold metallic.

These long strips were done stitch in the ditch on the squares and then I did a petal pattern that mirrors the border design on the setting triangles. Really very simple quilting, not over the top. Like I said I wanted to keep the quilting understated.

 And the finished quilt, Terra does beautiful work!

My other project I have been working on is actually one of my own. In June when I move my business over to the shop I want to have a sign to hang above my longarm. So I made a HUGE version of my logo in fabric, then used it as a quilting sampler.

 This is the finished sign. I am so happy with how it turned out. Keep looking down to see the details of the quilting.

 This one shows Echo Puzzle Fill. I love this as a back ground filler, so much more fun than a basic meander/stipple. Plus it can be sized up or down!
 This one is called Ribbon Candy. It makes the best sashing/border design.
 Pebbles and Ripples.
 OK, so I loved the feather with the glitter thread, then I washed the quilt and got this lovely wrinkle right in the middle. I think it is due to the applique glue I had to use, it was suppose to wash out and didn't. I don't think I will use that glue again.
 This is another fill design, called Bread Basket.
 Now for some feathering, this is just a simple hooked feather.
 a bit of McTavishing, this creates nice texture and give such a feeling of movement. You can see this again below in the black background of the quilt.
 Just a straight, formal feather. No frills on this one.
 Texture quilting. I tried to make this look like the hill (Candy Mountain) to the south of my house. Yup I nailed it!)
 Curls in the banner area, these mimic the curling design in the fabric.
 More McTavishing. This was done quite a bit larger than in the sun ray.
 A leafy feather. I wish it showed up a bit better. This is becoming one of my favorite feathers. Very Floral in feel.

And last but not least a curling feather! I like the fun looking aspect of this feather. I is pretty but does not take it's self to seriously!

Well if you managed to make it to the end, I thank you!
And you get a special treat for your efforts... My birthday in in two weeks. I will be announcing a birthday give away between now and then...

Happy Quilting,

Sometimes time just gets away from me. Part 1

And boy oh boy is this one of those times. I cannot believe how busy the last month has been!

We did get all of the Boy Scout quilts done! And they are wonderful.

I have been stitching my arms off both on customer quilts and on a couple of my owns, I will post some pictures for you to enjoy below. 

The best news I have this week though comes from something totally non quilt related. My oldest daughter has been working hard and getting ready for collage, she only applied to two schools. And was immediately accepted into one of them. Alas, not her first choice. We have been waiting months and months (feels like years really) for the admissions letters to come out for her first choice school. Well yesterday was the day! And she go in!!!! We have been doing a bit of a happy dance and as you can imagine we are totally thrilled with her acceptance into the University of Washington! This is a HARD school to get into! Yep I am one proud Momma!
Thanks for letting me share! Now you can enjoy some what has been keeping me so busy.

 These three quilts were for a customer, they are her "cabin" quilts, all flannel and oh so soft!
 This is the back, each quilt was quilted in moose and bears! They turned out really great!
 A Queen size trip around the world!
 More Moose and Bears!
 As you can tell it was the perfect pattern for these quilts. I had a lot of fun quilting these, but three large quilts with the same pattern, I started seeing moose in my sleep!

 This sweet little disappearing nine patch was made by a male customer. Nicest man! This is for his grand baby, so we quilted it with "Hearts A Flutter" I love how it turned out.

Yellows and greens, I don't work a lot in this color range so panicked a bit when I saw it, was not sure I had a thread that would work. Well thanks to Superior Threads and their thread of the month club I actually DID have the perfect thread, just days before quilting this I got my order in and they sent me a yellow and green variegated King Tut! It looked like it had been made with this quilt in mind!

So that is half of what I have been working on this last month. I will break this down into two posts due to the number of pictures I am going to post... stay tuned for more!