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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"How much will it cost to quilt my quilt?"

One of the very first questions customers ask, both new and old is "how much will it cost for you to quilt my quilt" Now this question is sometimes very easy to answer and sometime much more difficult the biggest reason is most quilting prices are determined by several factors.
The 1st being the size of your quilt, is it a baby quilt or a king size? Those are going to add up to two very different prices just based on the real-estate involved. Another determining factor is what kind of quilting is involved. do you customer want a basic all over meander? Or do you want some serious custom quilting? Do you want feathers? Curves? Multiple color changes? Or will a simple pantograph/all over design suit your needs? All of these things need to be discussed with your longarm quilter before she (or he) can quote you a price!

So with that in mind I have been working on an easy way to answer that question. Or at least partially. So now if someone asks me how much it will be to quilt their quilt I can give them a base line for a simple all over meander or a very basic pantograph. I have a small selection of super easy and fast pantos that allow me to keep the over all price down.

Now all my client needs to know is the length of their quilt. That's it! Oh and if they want Meander, Loops or a simple panto.

So, this is the pricing structure... let me know what you think!

Base Quilting Prices
Your choice of Meander or Loops
Choose one of five basic all over pantograph patterns.

Toddler size quilt up to 45” in length
Meander/loops                                  $35.50 +tax
Panto                                               $40.00 +tax

Small quilt between 46”- 55” in length
 Meander/loops                                   $47.50 +tax
Panto                                                 $55.50 +tax

Child size quilt between 56”- 65” in length
Meander/loops                                   $55.50 +tax
Panto                                                $65.00 +tax

Twin size quilt between 66”-80” in length
Meander/loops                                  $100.00 +tax
Panto                                               $118.00 +tax

Full size quilt between 81”- 88” in length
Meander/loops                                   $117.00 +tax
Panto                                                $138.00 +tax

Queen size quilt between 89”-100” in length
Meander/loops                                   $145.00 +tax
Panto                                                $168.00 +tax

King size quilt between 101”-108” in length
Meander/loops                                   $185.00 +tax
Panto                                                $220.00 +tax

Super King size Quilt 109” and up in length
Meander/loops                                   $216.00 +tax
Panto                                                $260.00 +tax

All prices are US dollars. These prices do not reflect extra work involved such as piecing back or trimming.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today and feedback is most welcome!

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