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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torrie's Senior Prom

In my last post I shared with you Torrie's prom dress. Well prom went wonderfully,well except the part when Garret came to pick her up and our dog got a little freaked out and decided she was NOT going to prom with The Boy. So he decided to show Garrett who was boss and MARKED Torrie as HIS! Yup you read that right. He lifted his little doggy leg and peed on her!Yes he is still alive, mainly because we were to concerned about cleaning the dress to kill the dog!!!

So, that's her prom story! Now for photos.....
The Hair

Just moments Before the dog did the Deed.

Shortly after... the look on her face says it all.

That is a lot of work!

Showing off the shoes.

No MORE pictures MOM!!!

Just having fun!

Close up of the quilting and crystals

The back

Another closeup of the quilting.

The Red Dress Girls. Out of 8 friends, 5 wore red, not planned or anything!
Garrett and Torrie

So, that was prom, they had a lot of fun!
Thanks for stopping by today.

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