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Friday, July 13, 2012

A few of my own quilts

So, every once in a while I do actually work on some of my own quilts. These are a few of my recent ones. Most were made for going away presents for my daycare kids when I closed my business.

Let me know what you think.

Peacock fancy 2

Peacock Fancy 2 corner

Peacock Fancy 2

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt

Kyle and Amy Wedding Quilt This is what it looked like when I drew it up on the computer

Amelia and her rag quilt

Rachel with her Star Quilt

Bergan and her quilt

Korey with her quilt


Bergans Strip quilt

Bergan's quilted in bows

Koreys Quilt

Korey's quilted in bows


  1. lovely quilts! I love the peacock one, I worked with that line of fabrics recently for the TTfabrics competition.
    do you add the quilt on the front rollers? or is this just to show? love the BOWS on the last quilt, bet it's a panto??

  2. Bea,
    Yup the bows are an Anne Bright panto. The peacock was for the TT competition also, didn't make the cut though.
    Can't wait to see who won! Am a bit confused about your question about adding the quilt to the front rollers. If you are referring to the red and yellow quilt, I took that photo just as I was taking it off the frame, had not completely detached it from the take up rail.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh my gosh I am in love with your peacock quilt! It is absolutely beautiful! You are very talented. I would LOVE to have one like that. Our last name is Pfau and in German it means peacock. We also had peacock feathet accents it our wedding. It's our signature now. I've been looking to build a little collection of home decor with the theme but it's got be just right. I'm jealous :-P you do fabulous work :)