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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Show and Tell

Spring! It is finally spring in these parts! That means rain, more rain, then wind, lots and lots of wind and occasionally the sun comes out then goes away! I am so happy it is spring! I have not had time to work in the garden though. I have been having a blast working on customer quilts, going to the quilt show and enjoying my birthday. Oh and a trip to Seattle to the University of Washington Campus where my oldest will be attending collage in the fall!

 The cherry trees were in full bloom and it was an amazing day!
 This is Delores's quilt, she wanted simple quilting on it so I did a stitch in the ditch around the stars then a simple loops and stars in the log cabin. She was very happy. Sometimes even though we may think a quilt needs lots of quilting. To match the customers budget we go simple. And in this case simple was great for this quilt!
 Janelle's baby quilt. This was for a co-workers baby. Again budget said meander. So meander I did!
 Another of Janelle's quilts. For another co-workers baby... I am thinking I am glad I don't work there because the is SOMETHING in the water!!! Again, budget said meander. Both quilts turned out lovely!
 This is Terra's Lonestar. I love quilting for Terra. Her quilts are always pieced perfectly flat, oh my she has the flattest seams I have ever seen! I got to have fun with this one, did not go completely crazy because as with all my customer quilts last week. Budget played a roll. I did enjoy working on the feathers because I got to use my new LED black lights. That white thread just glowed. Never has quilting white on white been so easy!
 The first feather I did I used a blue pounce.. you can still see a tint of blue.
 This one was done freehand, again with the over head lights off and my black lights on. I could have a lot of fun with that!
 So, after finishing those four quilts I decided it was time to work on one of my own. This quilt is for a contest... and Yes it is another Peacock quilt~
 Lot and lot of tiny blocks and metallic thread...

Oh and to not forget my birthday.. Torrie made me a sign to go over the door to my sewing room. Although she did ask me if I could feather the hearts. I think I will do that this weekend so we can get it hung!

Well, that's all the show and tell for this week.
I have more coming soon!

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